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As a global freight forwarding and logistics service provider, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to expertly address your supply chain needs

Our Services

A B777 passenger aircraft parked on airport runway.

Air Freight

A large cargo ship carrying containers and goods, crossing the ocean.

Ocean Freight

A freight train transporting cargo containers along the tracks.

Rail Freight

A Morrison branded semi-trailer truck driving on the highway.

Road Freight

A Morrison warehouse filled with cargo on pallets for storage management.

Contract Logistics

 A customs broker, standing in a shipping container yard communicating on a walkie-talkie.

Customs Brokerage

Two Morrison warehouse employees working in the warehouse, one driving a forklift unloading cargo pallets; the other scanning documents.

Integrated Logistics Services

Service on a Global Scale with an Extensive Network

We are constantly expanding our footprint to better serve our clients’ supply chain needs.


We can Address the Unique Needs of Different Vertical Sectors

A business professional holding a smartphone in his right hand.


We excel in providing exceptional service to clients in the high-tech industry, serving as a true enabler in one of the world’s most complex supply chains. From moving capital equipment and raw material wafers for chip fabrication to shipping components and finished products globally, we are experienced in facilitating the seamless flow of goods throughout the high-tech value chain.

An automotive production plant


Whether the mission involves transporting finished vehicles, electric vehicle batteries, components, or raw materials, our experts are knowledgeable with the intricacies of automotive logistics to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

A consumer shopping in a supermarket, examining a jar of sauce.

Consumer & Retail

Enjoy peace of mind with our end-to-end supply chain solutions, comprehensive network, and advanced tracking systems. Have full visibility of your shipments as they reach your retail stores promptly and timely.

A healthcare scientist in a laboratory, examining a specimen.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our experience in providing logistics solutions to the life sciences sector has enabled us to develop expertise in transporting pharmaceuticals, bio-technology products, medical devices, OTC medication and more. We understand the urgency and sensitive nature of these shipments.    

A stack of metal barrels containing chemicals labeled with orange "flammable liquid" labels.


Our transportation solutions are designed to accommodate a vast spectrum of chemicals, covering all classes of dangerous goods. With our ability to handle chemical shipments under optimal conditions, your cargo will be safely delivered to its destination, fully compliant with regulations.

An industrial worker using a measurement device to measure a mechanical component.


Supply chains in the industrial sector are becoming increasingly intricate, encompassing a wide range of products – from equipment to highly specialized components and machinery. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of market trends and have competitive access to capacity through partnerships with leading global carriers.

A sunny landscape filled with solar panels and several wind turbines.


We understand the specialized needs of energy logistics; therefore, we offer freight and logistics solutions tailored to the oil and gas industry, renewable energy sector, and more.



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Become part of a team that facilitates exceptional services on international trade with an unwavering passion and commitment to the logistics service industry. Join us today!

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A Morrison warehouse employee smiling while in the warehouse.
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Two Morrison employees engaged in a discussion walking in a Morrison Express office.

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