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Visibility on-demand.

Utilizing thoughtfully designed freight management systems, we offer customized IT solutions that enable supply chain visibility, helping you optimize your end-to-end supply chain set-up, thereby improving your operation efficiency. 


Seamless Supply
Chain Visibility

We provide end-to-end supply chain visibility via our proprietary data management system, Morrison One, specifically engineered for today’s increasingly complex supply chain. This sophisticated platform enables us to streamline information delivery between systems, offering a unified view of your entire supply chain involving shippers, carriers, truckers, and consignees.

A warehouse worker using a tablet for warehouse management.

Our Supply Chain Management Features



EDI Integration

Enhanced Visibility

Real-time insights at your fingertips.

With our advanced shipment tracking solution, you can effortlessly monitor the status of your cargo in real-time. Using a single dashboard, you can access up-to-date shipment statuses. Together with our robust reporting tools, they provide valuable insights into your supply chain operations, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

A Morrison warehouse worker tracking a shipment on Morrison One platform using a mobile phone.

EDI integration: streamline operations with ease.

Our system integration solutions go beyond standard formats, accommodating your specific requirements. Whether it’s X12, XML, JSON, CSV, or RESTful API, we have the capabilities to support your customized formats. Our comprehensive EDI solutions cover a range of functions, including shipment and booking creation, milestone tracking and EDI invoicing. By automating these processes, we eliminate time-consuming manual efforts and empower you to focus on strategic activities. 

A Morrison IT professional developing customized technology solutions.

Enhanced visibility solutions for sensitive commodities.

We empower our clients with real-time enhanced visibility on vital physical parameters, including temperature, humidity, and shock levels throughout the transportation journey for all kinds of sensitive commodities.

A professional in a suit viewing a tablet for shipment visibility.

How It Works

Morrison One

Shipment Tracking

EDI Milestone Monitoring

Morrison One platform page for track and trace of cargo shipment.
Morrison One platform page for monitoring end-to-end EDI milestones.

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