Consumer & Retail

The consumer and retail industry is highly dynamic and fast-paced, with businesses involved in creating, delivering, and providing commodities and services to discerning consumers. Timely shipping and delivery of products are vital for the industry’s success. 


Crafting Solutions for Diverse Business Models 

Apparel & Fashion

Retail Chains


Apparel & Fashion

Our comprehensive air and ocean freight solutions are tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of the apparel and fashion sector, covering everything from window displays to delicate fabrics. With our services operating on a global scale, you can focus on doing what you do best – crafting exceptional products and delivering extraordinary experiences to your customers.

Store mannequins in sports wear at a retail store.

Retail Chains

As an industry expert in the consumer and retail industry, we have a proven record of ensuring the efficient movement of goods from suppliers or distribution centers to store locations. We know time-to-market is of paramount importance for our clients in capturing sales and Morrison Express is here to help. With over 50 years of experience, we provide exceptional service, giving you the edge you need.  

A retail store full of clothing racks displaying a diverse range of apparel.


As consumer preferences continue to shift towards e-commerce platforms, Morrison Express is meeting this demand head-on by providing comprehensive direct air freight solutions to major cities worldwide. Whether you are an e-commerce start-up or a full-scale corporation, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring you meet your delivery commitments to online buyers.

A consumer using a mobile phone to complete an online transaction.

Our Industry-Specific Solutions

Two warehouse workers loading boxes into a van for final mile delivery.


Direct distribution of bulk shipments with cross-docking services managed at our facilities for final mile delivery, reducing lead time and related costs. 

A warehouse loading dock ready for pick-up and delivery.

Milk-Run Solution

Streamlining your delivery schedule to retail stores within proximity.

A Morrison warehouse filled with cargo on pallets for storage management.

Customized Warehousing Solution

We offer distribution center management for e-commerce, apparel, perishable products, and more.

Clothing on hangers on a rack for GOH shipping.

GOH Solution

We provide garments-on-hangers (GOH) equipment and tailor-made textainers to ensure apparel are delivered to stores in perfect condition.

A consumer using a laptop to access an e-commerce website.


We offer integrated logistics solutions for the transportation of goods in the e-commerce sector, covering the B2B2C model.

A warehouse worker unloading boxes from a van back to be moved back to the warehouse.

Reverse Logistics

Collection and processing unwanted or obsolete products to help recover value while reducing waste.


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