Customs Brokerage

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Brokerage is a fundamental element that facilitates freight movement, and we guarantee your goods will move seamlessly through the entire supply chain from one point to another.


Our comprehensive solutions help you prepare every step of the way

Customs, the governing body responsible for enforcing international trade laws, thoroughly inspects and regulates every shipment to ensure compliance with the importing country or territory’s regulations. When shipping internationally, it’s essential to take a few extra steps to prepare your shipment for the customs clearance process. 

Experienced Brokers

A global team of licensed customs brokers.

As we build our team of global customs brokers with in-depth knowledge of local markets and regulatory requirements, this team of experts helps you manage the clearance process, product classification, Free Trade Zone (FTZ) operations, and more.

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Our Customs Brokerage Services

Partner with Morrison Express – because we simplify complex processes to make them effortless and seamless. 

Product Identification (HS Code)

Import and Export Declaration Filing

Permits and Licensing Application Service

Customs Consultation

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